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Protecting life and goods with products of the highest quality level is the main task for IBENA's flame retardant textiles.


For personal protection applications, IBENA produces fashionable and highly comfortable flame retardant fabrics according to specification conforming to national and international norms. The fabrics are deployed by

  • Professional and voluntary fire fighters and works fire brigades
  • Search and rescue task forces
  • Police forces
  • Military forces
  • A wide variety of industrial applications

Where textiles provide not only flame retardancy properties, but also additional protective benefits such as antistatic or electric arc protection, welding protection, chemical protection or high visibility and weather protection.

firefighters protection

IBENA PROTECT fabric is also used as welding curtain, organ protection, fire blocker in aviation, space-travel and laser channels etc.

For more detailed information please refer to our mother company Protect-Homepage:

welding protection

Inherently flame retardant fabric

Depending on individual applications, IBENA protective fabrics are made from the following inherently flame retardant high tech fibres that guarantee a permanently high level of flame retardancy throughout the product's life time:

  • Nomex® - Du Pont
  • Kevlar® - Du Pont
  • Kermel® - Rhodia Kermel
  • Teijin Conex® - Teijin
  • Twaron® - Teijin
  • Technora® - Teijin
  • PBI® - Pbi Performance Products, Inc
  • P84® - Inspec Fibres
  • Trevira CS® - Multikarsa
  • Protex M™ - Kaneka
  • Rhovyl® - Rhovyl
  • Proflex 4® - Aramex / boco / Du Pont / IBENA

In close co-operation with the producers of yarns and fibres, IBENA has a rigorous product development program, to which the company support, encourage and maintain actively all the time. Worthy of mentioning is our long standing relationship with DuPont de Nemours. IBENA is particularly proud to be a certified member of their Nomex quality program.

All fabrics are available with a variety of finishing alternatives.

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For more information or sample requests, especially for scenic fabrics please contact us at:

® IBENA Inc., 124 Tradd Street, Spartanburg SC 29301, (864) 587-0098